The Certified Coaching
Program in Self-Esteem
Elevation for Children™

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, a life-changing success coach and best-selling author of 12 books, dozens of Audio and Video sets and multiple articles on topics ranging from how to restore self-esteem and achieve business success, to maximizing joy and fulfillment in life and productivity in business. As an acclaimed speaker and course leader, he is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning.


"Discover how 'The Certified Coaching Program in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children™' can Support You to Dramatically Impact the Lives of Countless Children and the Adults to Transform their Lives for the Better"

Dr. Joe Rubino's bestselling books and audio programs
are available in 23 languages and in 58 countries.

Dr. Joe Rubino is the CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention, an organization committed to the personal excellence and empowerment of all people. He has impacted the lives of more than 2 million people through self-esteem work, personal and group coaching, and personal and leadership development. Dr. Joe Rubino has been featured on the cover of Success Magazine and in their cover story: “We Create Millionaires”, for his ability to impact people’s lives. He is a certified success coach in life planning technology and the co-developer of the life-changing course, Conversations for Success, a program that provides participants with the tools to maximize their self-esteem, productivity and personal effectiveness with others. His vision is to personally impact the lives of twenty million people to be their best and to shift the paradigm around resignation - that is, that anyone can affect positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others - if they believe they can.

Dr. Joe Rubino offers a powerful range of products and services to inspire, guide, and empower people to live the quality of life they truly deserve. Possessing healthy levels of self-esteem is of crucial importance for experiencing optimal quality of life and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Important Research Results

Dr. Rubino’s research points to the fact that almost all personal challenges we experience on a daily basis have their roots in deficient self-esteem in certain key areas of life! His recent discoveries show that over 85% of us suffer from some kind of diminished self-esteem - meaning only 15% of us live our desired lifestyles! This suffering is one of the biggest roadblocks that prevents us from achieving our desired results and living our desired life style. For this reason, Dr. Joe is extremely passionate about his mission of positively impacting the lives of 20 million people by showing them the principles that will allow them to design and live their dream lives filled with Joy, Strength, Happiness, Satisfaction and Balance, and Free from Fears, Upsets, Frustrations and Anger.

The science underlying The Total Self-Esteem System model is based upon 20 years of research, coaching experience, and practical implementation. It has supported thousands of people to elevate their self-esteem levels and lead happier, more productive, and fulfilling lives.

Here are some of the Core Benefits you're
about to experience upon learning and implementing Dr. Joe Rubino's teachings.

You'll Be Able to Support Adults
to Teach Children How to:

Dramatically reduce stress and eliminate worry from daily life
Live with significantly less frustration and fewer relationship challenges
Live more confidently and without nagging fears
Better cope with any problems and challenges in life
Feel more relaxed while being much more effective with others
Experience greater joy and less anger or sadness
Experience a newfound sense of pride and satisfaction
Let go of what’s holding them back
Develop a dream lifestyle
Achieve much more, much faster than ever before
Interact with others in a much more productive manner
Share and receive love more readily than ever before
Plus much, much more!


Having a healthy level of self-esteem is one of the most powerful life-forces available. You owe it to yourself to give others the gift of developing the tools to change lives!

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Hi, my name is Dr. Joe Rubino and I’m on a passionate mission to positively impact the lives of 20 Million people.

With research showing that 85% of the world’s people lack self-esteem to some degree, this is an excellent and potentially lucrative way for you to be richly rewarded for your efforts in assisting us to spread the message of high self-esteem and personal empowerment to others.

I am an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, speaker, trainer, coach and consultant supporting people to be happier, more fulfilled, and more effective in all they do!


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According to “A Theory of Human Motivation” by leading 20th century psychologist A. H. Maslov, having Self-Esteem is one of the BASIC human needs.

Our extensive testing shows that over 85% of us have some type of self-esteem issue that prevents us from living the quality of life that we truly deserve! Insufficient self-esteem is the root cause of almost all failures in life - Our program teaches adults how they can become Certified Coaches to Elevate the Self-Esteem of Children and Adults! This is a Life-Changing Gift! YOUR POTENTIAL IS ALMOST INFINITE!


Until now, few people have been properly trained to offer the gift of self-esteem improvement to others. Since having self-esteem is a BASIC NEED, since everyone in this world wants more success and since having Self-Esteem is a CRUCIAL ingredient for having success - our products need to be experienced by EVERY parent, teacher, coach, or adult who works with children!

Since having self-esteem is a BASIC NEED, since everyone in this world wants more success and since having Self-Esteem is a CRUCIAL ingredient for having success – our products can be marketed in EVERY MARKET where people experience Emotional Challenges!

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Assist adults to develop a lucrative, life-impacting skill set
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The 'Entry Package' sells for $147 (This is a complete home study course consisting of an E-book, audios and videos.
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